Discover The Power Of Zybisys Customer Operating Console (COC)


The Customer Operating Console (COC) is a dashboard given by Zybisys, designed to provide customers with a one-stop solution for accessing critical information or health performance about their systems and infrastructure. This end-to-end platform offers a centralized hub where users can efficiently store, retrieve, and analyze performance metrics from a variety of sources, including Hardware, Networks, Applications, and Databases. The COC serves as a powerful tool for monitoring, managing, and optimizing system performance, ensuring businesses have a comprehensive view of their operations and can make informed decisions to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Our Offerings

Zoom View

Get an in-depth, close-up view of your system's performance, enabling you to monitor critical aspects with precision.

LAMA (Log and Monitoring Analysis)

LAMA service allows you to analyze system logs and performance data, providing valuable insights to optimize system operation

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect gives you real time data of your Band width and internet usage in dashboard.

Backup as a Service

Ensure data backup and recovery capabilities, safeguarding your information against unforeseen data loss.

Firewall (Security)

Manage and enhance your system's security, ensuring the protection of your valuable data and resources.


Generate comprehensive reports using the CXO Report Generator, offering valuable insights and data-driven decision- making

Our Process

Infra & Server Performance Monitoring

Constantly monitor the performance of your infrastructure and servers to ensure optimal operation and address issues proactively.

Real-Time Exchange Links Monitoring & Alerting

Our real-time monitoring and alerting systems keep a close eye on exchange links, providing immediate notifications in case of disruptions or anomalies.

Manage Service Provider

Effectively managing your service ensuring seamless collaboration and performance for your systems.

Backing Up Your Data

Implement robust data backup solutions to safeguard your valuable information and ensure data recovery capabilities.

Application Monitoring

Our application monitoring services track the health and performance of your applications, allowing for timely intervention and optimization.

Customer Benefits

System Insights

Accelerate digital transformation and technology upgrades without hurdles.

Optimize System Operation

Access to various technology professionals in one place, avoid educating the internal team about modern technology.

Efficient Data Managment

Improve efficiency on products and services deliverables using modern technology and beat the business competition.

Data Security and Reliability

Customers can be more focused on core business rather than spending time on market research on technology upgrades.

Enhance Data Protection

Customers are privileged to use our free consulting service to optimize IT expenditure along with Infrastructure management service.

Immediate Alerting

Improve efficiency on products and services deliverables using modern technology and beat the business competition.